About WJ Mooi

W.J. (Wolter) Mooi was born in Groningen, 1956. After studying medicine at the University of Leiden, and pathology at the Universities of Amsterdam and London, Wolter obtained his registration as consultant pathologist and his PhD degree (University of Amsterdam) in 1986. He joined the Netherlands Cancer Institute as research fellow, consulant pathologist and head of the Department of Pathology. Professorships at the VU University  Amsterdam (1991) and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (1996) followed. After a period of four years as head of department at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Wolter went back to Amsterdam, where is was appointed professor of pathology at the University of Amsterdam and, for the second time, at the VU University of Amsterdam, where he is now stationed and divides his time between surgical pathology, undergraduate teaching and research.

Wolter is (co-) author of 171 peer-reviewed articles, 3 monographs and numerous chapters on various topics of melanocytic and pulmonary pathology. He is laureate of various pathological societies, and in 2011 he was chosen, among 2000 competitors, as teacher of the year of VU University Amsterdam.

Wolter is married to Hanneke Lavrijsen; they have two children, Remko and Marieke, both undergraduate students. In his spare time, Wolter enjoys classical music (being an active cello player), reading (favourite author: Thomas Mann), walking, photographing (snapshots: Málaga Breakfast, New Year's Day and Imitation Roses, 2011, middle right) and painting (Without Title, 1986, lower right; click on images to enlarge).

Wolter Mooi's most cited scientific articles:

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