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Your response to the content and functionality of this website, and your suggestions for change, are very welcome, since they will be of help in the completion and improvement of the website in the coming months. However, I expect that, for lack of time, I shall not be able to respond to individual queries or criticisms regarding the content of this website.  Discussions about the correctness of individual diagnoses will not be possible, since it is expected that this will take too much of my time, and will probably prove frustrating on both sides. 

If you need to contact me urgently, you may do so by sending me an e-mail: wj.mooi@vumc.nl. Please appreciate that I am usually very hard pressed for time, and I apologise that it might prove impossible for me to respond to individual e-mails.

If you feel this free site has been of use to you, and you might have been able - and willing - to have payed for it, you might consider the gesture of donating to a charity instead. Of course there are many excellent charities to choose from. You might consider Doctors without Borders (MSF), the African Medical and Research Foundation AMREF, or Amnesty International, but if you decide to do so, it is of course entirely your choice! 

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